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Hello everyone, my name is Denise Robbins. Welcome to my site. I am here to talk to you opening a bank account and keeping it in excellent standing. The way you manage your bank account speaks volumes about your financial worthiness when it comes time to open credit lines or even buy a house. My site will help you understand how to pick a bank and open both checking and savings accounts. I will also discuss the process of keeping great records and using online tools to manage your account. Please visit daily to learn all you can about this important topic. Thanks.


3 Reasons To File Your Taxes Early

13 October 2019
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Many people put off filing their taxes until the last day. Some even file an extension so that they will have even more time to get their taxes done. Instead of doing either of these things, though, consider working with a tax preparation company, like the one represented at http://www.tri-check.biz, to get your taxes done early. It's a smart way to do things for these reasons and more. 1. Beat the Crowd Read More …

Self-Employed? How To Plan For Tax Season

13 June 2019
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If you have just gone out on your won this year and started your own business or become a personal contractor, then congratulations! Taking that step is a big risk, but it can also be very rewarding. One of the things that makes a lot of people hesitate when it comes to going out on their own is taxes. Why? Because sometimes people don't plan ahead, and then when it comes time to pay taxes, they owe a lot more money than they were initially aware of. Read More …

Planning a Midlife Career Change? 4 Steps to Survive Financially

6 November 2018
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Are you changing careers midlife? It's an idea that many people have, but fewer people find the nerve to actually follow through. How can you be the type that makes a successful career transition? Follow these few financial planning steps before you take the plunge. Save a Nest Egg. One of the biggest challenges for most people when thinking about a career change is how to manage financially. If you expect to take a lower salary, return to school, search for new positions, or start your own business, you need a financial nest egg in advance. Read More …